[Bookmark] Uber revenue numbers

Business Insider got hold of a 60-page internal presentation of Uber made in early 2014 and published an article to discuss on the numbers on November 20th. TechCrunch debated it in an ensuing article and concluded with the following paragraph:

So, Uber will see well north of $1 billion in total platform spend this year. Perhaps even $2 billion, or $3 billion if things go well. That would put its own revenue in the mid hundreds of millions.

I remember at Atheros it took us 12 years to hit $1B revenue run rate which happened shortly before we got acquired by Qualcomm in 2010. Now I know very well, and TechCrunch reiterated, that revenue isn't revenue isn't revenue. Still, it took Uber less than 5 years to hit a platform revenue of $1B. Talk about scalability.


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