The new world is flat and hot in the eyes of the Hardware Club

This is gonna be a short update.

At this moment I'm boarding for a 18-day trip to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Taipei and Hsin-Chu to meet the manufacturers, partners, potential investors, entrepreneurs and friends for the startups in the Hardware Club. My two partners, Alexis and Barbara, are gonna be in San Francisco for the entire week of March 9th-14th to do the same.

At the Hardware Club we truly believe that this revolution of hardware innovation started globally and will only become more and more global.

This is very different from lean startups, who usually start at their local markets to try to solve a specific pain point before expanding internationally 3 or 4 years later with Series B or Series C money in the pocket.

Today's hardware startups, however, got international customers already in their first major orders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. More importantly, the startups can also come from everywhere in the world, not just the glorified piece of land called Silicon Valley. Take a look at our 40-strong list of Hardware Club members and one will understand this:

However, whether the hardware startups are from Europe, Asia or America, whatever brilliant products they have designed, they face similar challenges in manufacturing, logistics, retails and fundraising, all of which might have to come globally as well. Hardware Club is here to help the best of the best scale as painlessly as possible with relevant resources and ultra smart money. 

The 40-plus brilliant startups and their entrepreneurs so far in our community are participating in this common vision. If you believe you're the next brilliant startup that could totally change the way people interact with the hardware products and therefore their views toward everyday's life, drop me a line at!

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