Everybody is at YC Demo Day – except me

Well, both of my partners Alexis and Barbara are already there so it's better I spend time doing something else for our portfolio companies.

That said, I obviously still went through the startup list and some numbers.  One interesting thing is how YC categorizes their latest batch:

  • B2B/Enterprise: 26
  • Consumer: 25
  • Hardware: 22
  • Marketplace: 15
  • Fintech: 11
  • Biotech: 10
  • Dev Tools: 6
  • EdTech: 5
  • Government: 4

As can be seen, hardware startups rank among the top 3 in terms of numbers, counting up to 22. As hardware becomes a stable category at YC, it begs the question why I still run into VCs from time to time that questions hardware investments falsely as capital inefficient as opposed to software ones.

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