Why Nvidia didn't go crazy on crypto

Q2 numbers are out for Nvidia and share price dropped due to "crypto demand drying up".

Keep in mind that Jensen never liked crypto people using GPUs to mine fools' gold. He even publicly discouraged that though he had no control obviously over it.

Many people couldn't understand why he was cold on crypto but it's not that complicated. The fact is a demand as volatile as crypto mining is a nightmare of supply chain and working capital management for a hardware supplier - just go ask the DRAM people in the past 20 years.

If DRAM is too difficult to imagine for people not in the computer industry, just read all those horror stories of bike makers in China: after the bike sharing craze ebbed, these makers are faced with huge unused capacity that they were forced to build when Mobike and Ofo were using VC money to kill each other.

The world can produce 10,000 crypto coders overnight and see them gone in the next day, but Nvidia, TSMC, ASUS and the hardware suppliers cannot run businesses that way.

Any #hardware business would prefer a less volatile, growing business such as AI or gaming. Simple as that.

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