"Why and How Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed" by Ray Dalio

I think that most capitalists don’t know how to divide the economic pie well and most socialists don’t know how to grow it well.
— Ray Dalio

I’ve always admired Ray Dalio for his ability to use simple but not simplistic languages to explain inherently complicated things, best exemplified in his must-read "Big Debt Crisis”.

His recent article about how to reform capitalism is of course also worth a read. The fact that he could sum up beautifully the behavioral problems of most modern capitalists and socialists with such a simple sentence does give us hope that we could build this world to be a better one.

Sometimes it’s not that complicated, human. (But for Christ’s sake don’t go DJT’s way of simplification/fabrication)

Uber IPO: Dogs that bark the most...

Uber should be very happy with Lyft's IPO result

Uber should be very happy with Lyft's IPO result